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Yogiyo Music Festival 
Marketing Campaign





Mobile Service


Brand Experience, Content, Design



We planned and operated a brand experience zone for Korea's representative delivery order app Yogiyo at the GS25 Music & Beer Festival 2022 which is the largest music & beer festival in Korea. In addition to promoting Yogiyo in the experience zone, we have prepared various consumer participation activities that everyone can enjoy by combining the festival and brand value. In addition, through collaboration with GS25, we operated a 'Pick-Up 25' booth where consumers can experience the convenience and efficiency of Yogiyo's service. as a result, we contributed to the expansion of consumers' installation and use of Yogiyo apps.


Brand Experience Design & Operation

We operated Yogiyo brand zone and the 'Pick-Up 25' booth at the GS25 Music Festival in Busan and Ilsan.

Through the two experience zones, we provided positive experiences for the Yogiyo app to consumers, increasing Yogiyo app traffic and increasing the inflow of new users during the festival.

Interactive Activity

We ran simple but interactive activities in the brand zone to provide consumers with a brand experience. We have drawn attention and participation from consumers through activity programs that combines the characteristics of the music festival with the brand value.


Design & Video Production

We have planned and produced all the designs necessary for booth operation, including booth design, pamphlets, banners, and various branding gifts.  In addition, we also produced 'Pick-up 25' Tutorial Video and a full sketch video, which are shown during the performance.

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