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2023 Marketing Trends in Korea - The heyday of Creators

The era of super individuals is opening. Creators and influencers are now growing as entertainers, as brands, and even as business platforms, expanding their reach indefinitely.

Recently, creators with strong fandom are actively expanding their scope by entering YouTube, TV entertainment, commercial advertisements, and web dramas. Various brands also select creators as ambassadors for marketing and use them as an important means to attract target customers. It is expected that the influence of 'creator/influencer', a super individual, will increase in 2023.

Case Study

1) Producing TVCF using a large number of creators


The travel platform "Good Choice" is making headlines for marketing using famous creators. It attracted consumers' attention by producing advertisements by casting a large number of celebrities and creators who are currently running popular YouTube channels in Korea, such as YouTubers Matsuda and Pani Bottle. This not only recorded 19.82 million views of commercial videos, but also beat its industry rival Yanolja to become the No. 1 travel & Activity platform brand.

2) Creators who play alternate characters enter live commerce


Recently, the home shopping and live shopping industries are planning entertainment-type shopping broadcasts using popular influencers who play sub-characters, and are attracting great attention from consumers. Unlike previous cases in which professional show hosts or celebrities appeared on home shopping, the strategy is to win with the "second character" influencer, which has a consumer fandom and is popular on YouTube. It is not just a product introduction, but a process that reflects influencer's own character, and it has been able to achieve high sales performance by causing consumers to laugh.

3) Travel creators who became the main characters of TV entertainment programs


With the end of the long and long pandemic, the heyday of travel entertainment programs has come. In the past, TV entertainment was mainly a stage for celebrities, but recently, popular YouTubers have become the main characters of the program and are becoming star entertainers. Pani Bottle, a famous travel creator with 1.48 million subscribers, recently appeared on MBC's "Around the World in Birth" and showed off its unpretentious appearance to viewers through a trip to South America with celebrities Gian84 and Lee Si-eon.

In addition, Producer Kim Tae-ho's "Earth Travel Blue marble," which is scheduled to air from March, is a travel entertainment show featuring the top travel YouTubers, including "Pani Bottle, Kwak Tube, and Wonji." It is raising viewers' expectations with interesting content that randomly travels around the world according to the results of the game by playing the real-life Blue marble game.

This year, creators, who are "super individuals" who are expanding their reach indefinitely in YouTube, home shopping, web entertainment, and public broadcasting, are expected to become more active this year.


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