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EU Agricultural food
Intergrated marketing campaign

European Union






Campaign, Social Media, Event, Commerce, B2B



The European Union selected Korea as a strategic market for European agri-food following China and Japan in 2021, and selected ConnectB Global as a Korean agency to launch a full-fledged campaign to promote European agri-food. we launched a promotional campaign with the message "Colours by Europe. Tastes of Excellence!" and introduced various experiences and entertainments to domestic consumers through various online and offline channels, and successfully announced the quality, certification system, safety and sustainability of food ingredients in 27 EU countries.



We produced a meal kit representing each of the 27 countries of the European Union and distributed it to the media, influencers, and consumers, giving them the opportunity to taste a variety of EU representative foods that are not easily tasted in Korea. We also collaborated with European broadcasters such as Alberto Mondi and European chefs to produce branded video content using Meal Kit, and collaborated with Korean food YouTubers such as Korean Bros and Marge to create opportunities to introduce EU foods to various consumers.

유럽 밀키트
유럽 밀키트

e-Retail Promotion

We collaborated with Market Kurly, an online food commerce platform that is the easiest for Korean consumers to access European food. We held online sales promotions in Market Kurly, including the European Christmas Food Market (December 21) and the European Food Festa (June 22), which further promoted European agri-food to various consumers and expanded the opportunity for consumers to experience.

마켓 컬리 로고
유럽 크리스마스 마켓
유럽 크리스마스 푸드 마켓
EU on my table

Retail Promotion

In collaboration with AK Plaza Bundang, European agri-food import and sales industries, we have implemented a European Christmas market in Korea where you can meet various European agri-foods, and in collaboration with John Cook Delhi, we have carried out the EU ON MY TABLE promotion.


HORECA Promotion

We collaborated with three restaurants in Mondrian Seoul and three European restaurants in Hannam-dong to promote 'Tasty Europe in Seoul' where consumers can experience new European dishes and experience European agricultural products.

Tasty Europe in Seoul
Tasty Europe in Seoul
Tasty Europe in Seoul
Tasty Europe in Seoul

Cooking Class

Under the theme of recipes using agri-food from 27 European Union countries, we held cooking classes by European food experts (Chef Park Joon-woo, Charida Studio, Wicked Wife), and invited consumers to make new European dishes together.



We operated a social media channel to inform Korean consumers of the excellence of European agri-food and introduce various online and offline events, and expanded consumer participation by holding a EU ON MY TABLE social events where consumers can present their own dishes.

EU on my table
EU on my table
EU on my table
EU on my table
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