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Brewing Kombucha
Live Commerce Marketing

Lotte Chilsung


Korea, Global




Content, Design, Video



We took a bold challenge to introduce Lotte Chilsung's newly released Kombucha to consumers for the first time through live commerce. We have made various preparations to make the most of the live commerce platform, which is rapidly emerging as a new sales channel, such as package design, landing page design, celebrity casting, and broadcast concept planning.

Visual Content

We designed the package with illustrations that not only go well with the existing Kombucha product design but also convey the effectiveness and sensibility of the product. It is designed to match the refreshing feeling of Kombucha, which represents a healthy drink with zero calories, and the calm feeling of Kombucha, which has a deep taste after being carefully fermented for 14 days.

220922_Ceramidin_Key visual_Horizon_Final_edited.jpg

NFT Campaign

사전에 제작된 제품 디자인과의 어울림을 고민함과 동시에 제품이 줄 수 있는 효과와 감성을 일러스트로 표현하였습니다.

기존 닥터자르트 세라마이딘 제품 디자인의 아이덴티티를 드러면서도, 새로워진 세라마이딘 제품의 남다른 보습효과를 더욱 강조할 수 있도록, 3D형태로 수분감을 표현하여 톡톡튀는 유쾌한 디자인으로 제작했습니다. 

Testimonial Review

We have created an event and introduction page for product sales during live commerce. By focusing on visual intensity and interesting layout construction, we have moved away from the ordinary e-commerce page design and designed the launch of the new product to stand out enough.

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