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Bomtoon Brand Campaign
To improve Brand Awareness







Design, Video, Media, Viral 



Bomtoon, Korea's No. 1 female-scented webtoon content platform, was in a situation where it was necessary to strengthen its position as a "BL specialized platform" that is emerging as a major genre in the content industry, and brand marketing to expand new subscriptions was needed. Consequently, ConnectB Global planned and produced/operated the entire brand campaign, ranging from the development of Key visual to the development of campaign visual and video content, OOH media planning, digital advertising, and YouTube collaboration content.

Visual Content

Charming protagonists, delicate paintings, compelling stories, and amazing worldviews.
We have developed a design element that emphasizes the platform characteristics of "Bomtoon" where you can enjoy various contents according to your taste, mood, and mood.
Using the brand color of Bomtoon, the identity was revealed, and circular objects of various colors were placed together with the character image to complete the production with a popping and expanding design.


Video Content

It was produced as a graphic video reflecting the motions of users selecting and screening content that they like on the BomToon platform. Through the motion of scrolling circular objects representing individual contents, various contents possessed by Bom Tun were expressed, and each circular object was applied to create a feeling that the main characters of the work moved alive and popped out of the world.

OOH Campaign

To raise brand awareness for core targets, OOH advertisements centered on major regions and hot places in Seoul were executed. In particular, the OOH media of "Hongdae/Sungsu/Gangnam/COEX", a major activity area for women in their 20s and 30s, was intensively booked to increase consumer interest by exposing campaigns frequently, and public transportation advertisements such as subways/bus shelters were also carried out to set up media so that campaigns could be repeatedly exposed along the movement of potential users.


As a result, issues have been made online since the launch of the campaign,Consumers' voluntary outdoor authentication content is generated, and the campaign was successfully executed.

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