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Bephantol Digital Campaign
For Raising Brand Awareness

Bayer Korea




Derma Cosmetic


Campaign, Design



We have produced a brand campaign for "Bephantol," which Bayer Korea, which has 75 years of history in the field of skin science, has created as a Derma Cosmetics line with the know-how of Bephanten, the world's No. 1 dermatitis treatment. We have produced a video advertisement that calls for restoring skin confidence through a scientifically designed "Bephantol" to improve dry skin from the inside, and a whole creative for digital advertising campaigns such as Key Visual, PDP, and DA.

Bayer Korea
Bephantol Campaign

We emphasized "high purity dexpanthenol," a key ingredient of Bephantol, and created a creative that calls for the differentiated product characteristics of Derma Cosmetics "Bephantol," which contains skin science that changes from the inside.

We produced various digital creative materials such as campaign Key Visual, PDP, and DA using "Water Drop" as a design motif so that the moisture of "high purity dexpanthenol," a key ingredient of Bephantol, can be delivered well.

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