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Bephanten Digital Campaign 
for Brand Repositioning

Bayer Korea






Campaign, Design



We planned and produced an advertising campaign for the repositioning of the global pharmaceutical company Bayer Korea's 'Bephanten products. In order to reposition "Bephanten," which was previously popular as a national diaper rash cream, as a treatment for dermatitis for the whole family, we have produced creative campaigns such as video advertisements and Key Visual that appeal for moments that need criticism in the family's daily lives.

Bayer Korea
Bephanten Campaign

In order to make consumers aware of " Bephanten" as a treatment for skin inflammation in the whole family, the national actor "Eugean" with a reliable image was cast as a model, expressing various dermatitis situations that can be experienced in daily life.

In order to appeal as the dermatitis treatment "Bephanten" for the whole family, we produced a visual frame that symbolizes "home" and a creative visual and campaign message that reflects the "hand" of various family members.

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